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                During the 28 years’ development of HengDa, we are always pursuing the concept that ‘Credit management , keep every promise that we made’, which writes a magnificent chapter for the construction of the city. Everyone in HengDa carries out the HengDa spirit with firm determination and tenacious bravery.

                Integrity management, fulfilling every promise

                Throughout the ages

                People can't stand on the basis of honesty,the business cannot flourish without honesty,

                Want to achieve brilliant achievements in life and career

                Must be true, not bullying, a promise worth a thousand dollars

                Unswervingly set off the banner of integrity

                Shoulder bears  responsibility, fulfilling the mission

                Responsibility is a mission

                It is often accompanied by glory

                Only put responsibility in your heart

                Take the courage to take it, take every step at your feet

                To reflect the true value

                Reward the society with gratitude

                Survival is inseparable from the soil of society

                Knowing the reward is the duty of everyone

                Planting a grateful seed

                Behave and do things with a heart of love

                Others and yourself are happy,and there is nothing better than this.

                Company values

                1. People-oriented, respecting employees and caring for employees, so that employees benefit from the simultaneous development of enterprise development.

                2. To be a socially responsible enterprise, to operate according to law, pay taxes according to the regulations, produce more quality real estate, and do more charity and public welfare undertakings.

                Basic quality of employees

                Be honest and trustworthy   be honest and be trustworthy.

                Compliance with laws and regulations Strictly abide by national laws and regulations and company rules and regulations.

                Love and kindness Be kind to people,respecting parents, caring for family, respecting colleagues, and being kind to friends.

                 Unite and help each other   Unite with colleagues, live in harmony, and establish a good trend of collective struggle.

                Self-discipline and punctuality In the work, we adhere to high standards, strict requirements, and self-consciousness,constantly surpass ourselves, strive for perfection, complete work according to the prescribed time, and abide by time requirements.

                Dare to be responsible  Seriously perform their duties and be brave enough to take responsibility.

                Loyal obedience   Loyal enterprise, obeying leadership

                Diligent and efficient Strict implementation of thrift t, prevent extravagance and waste.

                Diligent thinking and learning    Diligent in thinking, agile in action. Learn the strengths of others and make up for their shortcomings

                Innovation It is necessary to light up the tradition and break the convention; to be based on reality and to develop a unique path; to face the market and seize the opportunities; to focus on the future and lead the trend.



                Over the past 28 years, our Group has developed King of  North, Jinhui plaza , NAPA Xidi ……

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